About us

The adventure began in April 2015 when we, two sisters, Déotille & Thibaude, decided to realize a common and long-standing dream: to start our own bussiness. After several months of study and research, we launched the concept of customizable sandals with interchangeable ribbons. A concept of six-in-one summer shoes for girls and women.

With two strong and completely opposed personalities, we are both driven by the same passion: the aim to try and find the most convenient way of life for women and the desire to change existing consumer’s habits. We also carry a strong interest in respecting the environment we live in. We love fashion but we especially love people and beautiful personalities that emerge.


Sandals are made by craftsmen in the south of France with care and quality materials. The leathers are meticulously crafted in the purest French tradition and made by a tannery working under the “Living Heritage Company” label. Leathers are first immerged in a chestnut extracts solution that gives the leather a round and sensual touch, making Déothie sandals even more irresistible.

Conceiving and designing sandals in their workshop, the 2 sisters build together their story. “Our craftsman is part of our team as well as some friends who are always up for a brainstorming session”. They choose the fabrics and each ribbon is sewed by hand in their dedicated workshop in Brittany.


6, Place Dariorigum, 56740 Locmariaquer